HitTrax Staten Island Batting Cage

HitTrax is a revolutionary piece of technology that enhances training capabilities by engaging players like never before. HitTrax is much more than a training aid. It is the only data capture and simulation system that provides powerful performance measurements with a game time experience.

HitTrax works for Hitting, Pitching, and Catching for both Baseball and Softball!

HitTrax measures key performance metrics and generates in-depth reports, allowing for pitch-by-pitch analysis, session summaries, and trend charting over any time period.

With an unmatched experience, batters can view their performance as if playing in their favorite stadium while measuring metrics such as exit velocity and launch angle! Pitchers can see their late movement, along with pitch speed and location, and work to perfect their delivery. Pitchers and batters can even compete head-to-head in realistic at-bats, while all data is recorded simultaneously. Catchers gain valuable insight while optimizing their mechanics and building arm strength and throw accuracy.


  • Exit velocity
  • Launch Angle
  • Distance of Hit
  • Point of Impact
  • Strike Zone Analysis (Find your “hot zones!”)
  • Spray Charts
  • Hard Hit Average
  • Batting Average, Slugging %, and OPS (Game Modes)


  • Pitch Velocity and Location
  • Spin Rate & Spin Axis
  • Horizontal & Vertical Late Break Measurements
  • Batting Average Against
  • Opposing Spray Charts
  • Analysis of Each Pitch Type


  • Arm Strength
  • Pop Time
  • Exchange Time
  • Throw Accuracy
  • Caught Stealing %
  • Strike Zone Analysis

Know Your Strengths. Identify Your Weaknesses

  • Baseball or Softball
  •  Adapts to All Skill Levels
  • Millisecond Response Time
  • Works With Live Pitching, Batting Practice, Tee Work, Front Toss, and Soft Toss.
  • 110+ MPH Measurements
  • +/- 1 MPH Accuracy
  • See Where Your Hit Would Wind Up On An MLB Field
  • Compete and play games vs. people in person or against other hitting facilities across the Whole Country!
  • Help Get Recruited With Online Profiles and Leaderboards!


One of the coolest features of the HitTrax is the ability to play competitive games against one another in real MLB ballparks! Our inaugural league will be starting in late November/Early December and will be available for players of all ages! Join as a single player, or get with some friends and join as a complete team!
  • Leagues Separated by Age, from 9u to Adults
  • 9 Game Regular Season + Playoffs
  • Play in real MLB Parks
  • Individual or Team Signups
  • See Where Your Hits Go Instantly on a Big Screen TV
  • Free Swing Analysis With Signup
  • Prizes for League Champions
  • Pricing: $250 Per Player
  • Interested? Drop us a Line Below!