What is Rapsodo?

The Rapsodo is a tool used by professional teams, top collegiate programs, and amateurs alike to measure different aspects of pitching and hitting. Rapsodo can measure both baseball and softball players alike. The unique thing about Rapsodo is it’s small form factor and that it hooks up with any iPad running the Rapsodo app, allowing it to be used in any of our cages, unlike HitTrax. Another difference with Rapsodo is that each unit can only do either Pitching OR Hitting. Despite it’s smaller form factor, and cheaper price (compared to HitTrax), it is extremely accurate and can help you measure your progress as a player! There are many differences in the debate of Rapsodo or HitTrax, but either way you’ll be happy to know we have both at Momentum! 

MLB Players Using Rapsodo Units During Spring Training. Now you can train like the pros with us at Momentum!

What does Rapsodo Hitting and Rapsodo Pitching Measure?

Rapsodo Hitting

-Exit Velocity

-Launch Angle



-Spin Direction and Spin Rate

-3D Map of Ball Flight

-& More!

Rapsodo Pitching


-Spin Rate

-Spin Direction

-Spin Effeciency

-Vertical/Horizontal Break

-Strike Zone Analysis

-& More!

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Rapsodo Hitting (Left) and Pitching (Right)
Rapsodo Pitching
Rapsodo Hitting