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Boost Your Baseball Skills with a Smaller Glove

If you play baseball, especially as an infielder, using a smaller glove or a training glove can make a big difference in your game. Here’s how:

Better Hand-Eye Coordination

A smaller glove like our Proskill Training Glove makes it harder to catch the ball, so you really have to focus. This helps you improve your hand-eye coordination, making it easier to catch the ball with precision. When you focus intensely on the ball, you train your eyes and hands to work together more efficiently, which is crucial for making accurate catches. This improved coordination not only helps infielders field ground balls but also improves their ability to catch line drives and pop flies with greater accuracy. When a hard-hit ball comes your way and you need to react quickly, you’ll be glad you practiced with a smaller glove. You always have to be prepared on the field and using a small glove is one of the best ways you can be.

Using Both Hands

With a smaller glove, you’ll need to use both hands more often, which is a key skill for infielders. This helps you quickly transfer the ball and make fast plays, improving your overall technique. The two-handed technique is essential for infielders because it ensures a secure grip on the ball and allows for quicker and more accurate throws to first base or other infielders. Practicing with a smaller glove reinforces this habit, making it second nature during games. Making your transfer as perfect as it can be will help you to turn double plays quicker and also getting the ball out quickly when trying to make a play at first. The quicker the transfer the better your results will be.

Training Glove

Faster Reflexes

Since a smaller glove has less space to catch the ball, your reflexes need to be quicker. Practicing with a smaller glove sharpens your ability to react fast, which is crucial for making those quick, game-saving plays. Quick reflexes are vital for infielders, who often have to field hard-hit ground balls or line drives with little time to react. Training with a smaller glove helps players develop the necessary speed and agility to handle these challenging plays. When you stop relying on the large glove you realize you have to rely on your fundamentals and as you know fundamentals are the key to success.

Confidence and Consistency

Training with a smaller glove builds your confidence because you get better at making tough catches. This confidence carries over into games, making you a more reliable player. You’ll also make fewer errors and be more consistent on the field. As you master catching with a smaller glove, you become more self-assured in your abilities, which reduces anxiety and hesitation during high-pressure situations. Consistency in fielding is crucial for maintaining a solid defense, and practicing with a smaller glove helps achieve that reliability.

Real-World Practice

Using a smaller glove like the Proskill Training Glove in practice prepares you for real game situations. It’s not just about catching the ball – it’s about becoming a better, quicker, and more confident player overall. The skills you develop with a smaller glove transfer directly to game situations, making you a more versatile and effective infielder. Whether you’re fielding ground balls, making double plays, or catching line drives, the enhanced skills from training with a smaller glove make a noticeable difference in your performance.

For more details on how the Proskill Training Glove can help you, check out the full article here.

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