Increase Your Pitching Speed – Here’s 5 Effective Ways

Pitching is one of the most essential skills in baseball. The ability to throw a fastball at high speeds can make a big difference in the game. Pitchers who can throw faster pitches can strike out batters, throw more pitches in a shorter time, and get out of tough situations. Picking up some extra speed can help you at any levels whether its the youth leagues or the professionals. This post will discuss five ways to increase your pitching speed in baseball.

The Importance of Throwing Hard

Pitchers who can throw faster pitches can give their team a competitive advantage. A faster pitch can be harder to hit, which makes it more challenging for the opposing team to score runs. Also, the faster you throw the ball, the less time the batter has to react, increasing your chances of getting a strikeout. Also not to mention, the look of batters stepping into the batter’s box knowing they can’t handle the fastball is a great feeling for a pitcher to have. The pitcher already has the advantage.

How to Increase Your Pitching Speed?

  1. Focus on mechanics – Pitching mechanics are the foundation of pitching speed. If your mechanics are off, it can be difficult to increase your pitching speed. Good pitching mechanics are about maximizing efficiency and using your body to generate power. Focus on proper arm action, footwork, and body positioning.
  2. Build arm strength – Building arm strength is essential to increase your pitching speed. Incorporating exercises that target your shoulder, chest, and arm muscles can help increase your velocity. Strength training exercises like dumbbell bench presses, push-ups, and pull-ups can help build your upper body strength. Be sure to stretch before and after.
  3. Use weighted baseballs – Using weighted baseballs can help you build arm strength and increase your pitching speed. Start with a lighter ball and work your way up to heavier balls. The weight of the ball should be comfortable enough to throw with proper mechanics. Using a weighted ball can help increase the speed of your arm and help you throw harder.
  4. Incorporate plyometric exercisesPlyometric exercises can help increase your power, speed, and explosiveness. Be sure to click on the link if you want to see video examples of what these may look like. Exercises like squat jumps, box jumps, and medicine ball slams can help increase your leg strength and improve your overall explosiveness. This, in turn, can help you generate more power and speed when throwing a pitch. Plyometrics can be great for maintaining your flexibility which too which is something that can be a concern when lifting heavy weights.
  5. Practice consistently – Practice is essential to increasing your pitching speed. Consistency is key when it comes to training, and it’s important to practice regularly to build muscle memory and increase your pitching speed. Practice throwing fastballs and incorporate drills that focus on speed and accuracy. You can also practice with a radar gun to track your progress and adjust your training accordingly. In addition to the radar gun you can also use a Rapsodo device which is something we have posted about on out blog quite a bit. Some of our more popular posts about Rapsodo devices are here and here.

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