You are currently viewing Little League World Series 2023: California’s Walk-off Home Run Takes the Trophy!

Little League World Series 2023: California’s Walk-off Home Run Takes the Trophy!

Hey, sports fans! If you were wondering, “Who won the Little League World Series in 2023?” — we’ve got your answer right here. The California team is the champion! This year’s LLWS was nothing short of a thrill ride filled with high-stakes plays, heartfelt moments, and baseball magic. Ready to relive the excitement? Let’s go!

Why We Keep You Updated

Before diving into the highlights, let’s talk about why we keep you up-to-date on the Little League World Series. We believe in the power of inspiration, especially for our young Momentum members. By following the incredible journeys of these young athletes, we want you to know that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. So, the next time you’re up at bat or making that crucial play, remember, today’s Little Leaguers are tomorrow’s legends!

California’s Golden Moment

A massive round of applause for California! These young athletes fought their way to the top and secured a championship title against the incredible team from Curaçao. The cherry on top? They won with a walk-off home run! You can witness this unforgettable moment right here. If you’re eager for more, dive into this CBS Sports article.

Dodgers Show Some Love

Guess what, folks? Even The Los Angeles Dodgers were so amazed by California’s win that they gave the young champs a special shoutout on Twitter! Imagine getting kudos from MLB pros! Catch the Dodgers’ tweet here.

Kudos to Curaçao

Let’s not forget about the amazing team from Curaçao! They were phenomenal, offering a championship game we’ll be talking about for a long time. Their heart, skill, and enthusiasm were evident to everyone who tuned in.

Unforgettable Moments

This year’s LLWS was chock-full of plays that will be remembered for ages. From unbelievable catches to towering home runs and mesmerizing pitches, these kids played like pros.

The Spirit of the Game

What touched our hearts was the incredible sportsmanship shown throughout the tournament. From players to coaches, and even the fans, everyone made sure this event was about love for the game, respect, and team spirit.

Eyes on the Future

As we say goodbye to the 2023 Little League World Series, anticipation is already high for what next year will bring. If it’s as unforgettable as this year, consider us already excited!


Big hats off to all the teams, players, coaches, and fans who made this year’s LLWS an unforgettable experience. Special cheers go out to California for their jaw-dropping win and to Curaçao for their remarkable run.

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