Baseball Pitching Drills To Do At Home

Top Baseball Pitching Drills To Increase Pitching Speed At Home

Practicing baseball pitching is crucial for players looking to improve their game. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pitcher, refining your skills is essential for success. Incorporating at-home pitching drills into your training regimen can help elevate your performance once the season comes along. These are all activities that you don’t need any fancy pitching aid such as a Raposodo or anything like that. Let’s go through some baseball pitching drills to do at home below.

1. Dry Throws – Practicing Your Form

Dry throws are a valuable training tool for developing pitching mechanics without the stress of throwing a ball. By focusing on form and muscle memory, pitchers can perfect their technique and minimize injury risk.

  1. Stand in pitching position: Adopt your preferred pitching stance and grip an imaginary baseball.
  2. Perform the pitching motion: Go through your normal pitching motion, concentrating on form and technique.
  3. Pause at crucial points: Hold at the leg lift, power position, and follow-through to reinforce proper mechanics.

2. Plyometrics

Baseball Pitching Drills To Do At Home

Plyometric exercises are designed to improve a pitcher’s power, explosiveness, and overall athletic performance. In other simple terms, these are exercises that don’t require traditional weights. Every excerise does not have to directly involve baseball some can just be for general strength and endurance. At-home baseball training has come a long way (this also pairs well with our off-season training post), so don’t think you can’t get better at home!

  1. Medicine ball throws: Perform overhead and rotational throws with a medicine ball to build core strength and power.
  2. Box jumps: Jump onto a box or platform to develop leg strength and explosiveness.
  3. Lateral bounds: Execute side-to-side jumps to improve lateral power and agility.

3. Mirror Drills

Using a mirror can help you analyze and refine your pitching form, ensuring proper mechanics are being employed. Click here if you want to see a specific example.

  1. Position the mirror: Set up a full-length mirror to the side, giving you a clear view of your body.
  2. Perform pitching motion: Go through your pitching motion slowly, watching your form in the mirror.
  3. Make adjustments: Identify areas where your form can be improved and make the necessary changes.

4. Wall Drills

Wall drills are designed to improve a pitcher’s stride and lower body mechanics.

  1. Face the wall: Stand with your toes about six inches away from a wall.
  2. Begin your stride: Get into your pitching stance and start your stride toward the wall.
  3. Avoid contact: Stride forward without touching the wall, focusing on proper lower body mechanics and balance.

Now that you have some ideas of baseball pitching drills to do at home, it’s now time to take advantage of these and take your game to the next level.

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